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How can we make IoT and wearable devices smarter yet use less energy?

How can we apply sensing technology to better protect people from injury in the workplace?

How can we make a fitness tracker that totally fits into people’s lives?

Can robot inspectors free factory workers from boring, repetitive QC tasks?

How can we make a robot that will help patients manage chronic disease?

How can we make it more fun and entertaining to exercise at home?

What are other sustainable mobility options?

How can we give our children the best learning experience?

What would it take to mix the perfect cocktail every time?

How can we bring restaurant-grade cooking into the household?

What would a military-grade camera look like?

Can concentration be trained?

How can we find our loved ones even when cell phones fail?

How can we give everyone the tools to grow their own food?

Can lights do more than illuminate?

Can a thermometer prevent illness instead of just diagnose it?

How can we be protecting our forests?

Why are there so many different lights?

What would an uncompromising lock look like?

How can technology enhance the vaping experience?

Who can help us make our innovative kid-friendly hot and cold lunchbox a reality?

Could we power our devices with our body heat instead of batteries?

Is it possible to continually and non-invasively monitor people’s vital signs with micro-radar?

How can we make a battery that doesn't need recharging?

Can 3D printing robots make carbon fiber parts stronger, faster and cheaper?

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