What path leads to innovation success?

Design thinking combined with an open innovation model

Businesses that commit to our open innovation approach benefit from many advantages.

Among them are speed to market, removing blind spots, focusing on needs and not technology, and effectively driving towards business value creation.

Your Q.Inc collaborators add structured design thinking to the process to create market driven solutions that are also technologically and economically viable.

Easing the pains of launching new products

Building and testing physical functional prototypes takes time, resources and commitment

Keen judgement and deep technical understanding are required to balance trade-offs in technology, design and user needs

Implementation prototyping and testing must be finely balanced between the technology readiness level and customer expectations

We address issues in the critical early stages of deep tech and hardware product development. The track record of our evolved approach to collaborative design thinking and open innovation speaks for itself.

Think, design, make

Understand, Explore, Materialize Understand, Explore, Materialize

Design thinking is a widely adopted framework we apply to our process.

What makes our methodology different is our open innovation with deep technology startups. We transform their science and research into real concepts then rapidly engineer and build a functional PoC to test and validate ideas.

We also do the reverse and help corporations leverage their in-house expertise and IP with the goal of new business value creation. The outcomes are new products, markets and business opportunities.


We involve the deep tech startup early in the process to ideate with the corporate partner and identify, prioritize and focus on needs


Designers, engineers, corporate team members iterate and produce multiple concepts


Our engineers rapidly design, fabricate and build a functional PoC to demonstrate the concept


Which innovation model is right for you?

Inbound innovation

We identify appropriate collaborators from our network of startups. The startup brings a team or technology relevant to your new products. We then build a proof-of-concept to demonstrate.

Inbound innovation

Outbound innovation

We work with a corporate partner’s internal IP and resources to create new products with applied technology. From this we create a proof-of-concept.

Outbound innovation

Comprehensive innovation development support services

Create breakthrough ideas from applied technology

Deep tech validation through proof-of-concept development

Business model development and creation

User and market research to inform and validate concepts

Trade-off and feasibility analysis to validate business value

Stakeholder identification and alignment

Ideation lab + design studio + venture capital

We help you innovate in the context of the entire new product development cycle – which we can also execute as part of Q.Inc.

Technology adoption life cycle

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