Which VC should I work with?

We aren’t your typical VC

Nowadays, deep tech founders of promising startups have a wide variety of funding choices from traditional VCs to corporates and accelerators.

What makes us different is that we are a technical team and hands-on in helping to identify customers, industrialize the technology and build commercial applications. We also emphasize open innovation and collaboration with corporate partners as a path to accelerate growth.

When we have skin in your game you also get our bodies, brains, time, attention and exceptional resources.

People just like you

We know where founders are coming from because we’ve been there too. We are experienced problem-solvers, technology builders, business leaders and creative individuals who work with our founders to find practical solutions to the many challenges they face.

Larry Tsai (USA)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
  • Experienced Silicon Valley and APAC executive, manager and entrepreneur
  • 20+ years in product development, engineering and manufacturing
  • Launched over 100 hardware products with startups and brands
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Itaru Ueda (Japan)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
  • Experienced Japan and USA executive and investor
  • Previously managed US$100M CVC focusing on deep tech and auto
  • muRata product and marketing specialist focusing on semiconductors and automotive
  • MEng Tokyo City University
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Henry Tan (Hong Kong)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
  • Experienced USA and China executive, manager and investor
  • China experience in financial and operator roles for Ports Design and PCD Stores, led US$1.3B IPO in 2009
  • MBA MIT, BA Cornell
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