What are the ingredients of successful technology innovation?

We boil it down to three things – capital, expertise and network

Q.Inc evolved from over 20 years of experience in working with technology innovators from startup inventors to multinational corporations.

We’ve incubated companies and built products for others. We’ve spotted patterns, accumulated scar tissue, developed new insights and created our own approach.

Q.Inc is the culmination of these learnings to help provide the things we believe deep tech and hardware startups need most – capital, expertise and a network.

Companies developing products face common challenges

Startups and multinationals need similar resources to invent and successfully market new products. Getting those resources together is a challenge in itself. Creating practical innovations from deep technology makes it even harder.

Our mission is to help fill those gaps with our platform approach and enable our clients and startup founders to achieve their vision.

The Q platform matches teams with resources

Our businesses collaborate as a single aligned resource. Each is also accessible as an independent unit.

Applies design thinking in an open innovation model to develop practical products with high potential.

Works with innovators to realise new products and manufacture them at scale.

Invests in early stage startups to take innovations from lab to global markets.

Our platform is informed by what actually works

The technology adoption curve illustrates the iterative stages of product innovation and market adoption. Different questions, pain points and priorities are identified along the way.

Our platform addresses the core pain points that technology innovators face along that path by providing the right expertise, capital and resources at different stages.

Technology adoption life cycle
What should we build?
We need to apply our promising technology and transform it into practical, profitable products.
How do we fund it?
With the right investors we can increase our chance of success, and all share the rewards.
How can we build it?
We need to find manufacturing talent and resources to take an innovation from lab to market.

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