What do successful deep tech startups look like?

Innovators who become industry leaders

We work with founders to build valuable businesses from deep tech innovation. New technology innovations get us excited, but it’s all about developing success in the market.

Our startup founders are a group of creative, resilient and sharp entrepreneurs who lead their startups to become the industry leaders.

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How can we make IoT and wearable devices smarter yet use less energy?

How can we apply sensing technology to better protect people from injury in the workplace?

Can robot inspectors free factory workers from boring, repetitive QC tasks?

Could we power our devices with our body heat instead of batteries?

Is it possible to continually and non-invasively monitor people’s vital signs with micro-radar?

Can 3D printing robots make carbon fiber parts stronger, faster and cheaper?

“Q Capital’s investment helped secure the foundation for Ambiq’s rapid expansion into dominating AI at the endpoints.”

Fumihide Esaka

Chairman and CEO, Ambiq Micro

“Q.Inc has been instrumental in our funding rounds and transforming our technology into multiple products like PowerWatch.”

Akram Boukai

CEO, Matrix Industries

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