Who should join my ideation team?

Innovations come from collaboration between diverse people with domain expertise

Q Lab’s open ideation team adds new perspectives and fresh ideas to your in-house innovation efforts.

Our specialists bring both wide industry experience and deep technical know-how resulting in a track record of creative and entrepreneurial success.

They work with you to fast-track innovation with an iterative process informed by technical realities and the needs of the market.

Designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, academics

With decades of collective experience, every Q Labs principal has founded and run a product development, engineering or design studio.

Each principal is also currently working in active roles as practitioners in the industry.

Andrea Ponti (Hong Kong)
Founder, Ponti Design Studio

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Gregor Berkowitz (USA)
Co-Founder, MOTO Development Group, CTO, Forme Life

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Bill Burnett (USA)
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University, Co-Founder, D2M

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Harald Quintus-Bosz (USA)
Co-Founder, Cooper Perkins 
Design Thinking Professor, MIT

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Larry Tsai (USA)
Founder, Q Design, Co-Founder & Partner, Q Capital
  • Experienced Silicon Valley and APAC executive, manager and entrepreneur 
  • 20+ years in product development, engineering and manufacturing
  • Launched over 100 hardware products with startups and brands
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