Q is an integrated platform of three business units

Q Inc

We are three uniquely integrated businesses that work with companies of all sizes and stages in technology and hardware development.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide a comprehensive solution as a single aligned resource or in a targeted approach through individual business units.

Q Lab

We apply design thinking methodology and an open innovation model to help startups and corporations transform breakthrough technology innovations into real world products.

  • Create breakthrough product concepts from lab science
  • Demonstrate product-market fit in an engineered and functional Proof-of-Concept
  • Understand and map technology features to validated pain points of target users
  • Develop viable business models and successful partnerships
Q Design

Our product development team combines deep technical experience with creative problem solving to design, engineer and manufacture new hardware innovations.

  • Proven track record in building and manufacturing hardware products with startups that have become household names
  • Complete system integration and engineering services under one cross-functional team
  • 100+ product portfolio, millions of units shipped
  • Extensive manufacturing network across Asia in all product categories from consumer to medical
Q Capital

A global venture capital team that understands hardware and deep technology to help navigate startups towards commercial success.

  • Invests in breakthrough and enabling technologies
  • Provides deep, hands-on commitment to founders as a partner to help reduce product risk and market risk
  • Extends access to the Q platform and network to help with product development, fundraising, business development and recruitment

Innovation always starts with Qs

Three common questions from innovators

Technology adoption life cycle
What should we build?
We need to apply our promising technology and transform it into practical, profitable products.
How do we fund it?
With the right investors we can increase our chance of success, and all share the rewards.
How can we build it?
We need to find manufacturing talent and resources to take an innovation from lab to market.

Deep tech and hardware startups face unique challenges. They must concurrently transition from lab to market, build complex products, and cross the chasm to find a viable and scalable market.

The Q platform addresses these pain points, delivering capital, expertise and customers at the right time. We de-risk investments, accelerate revenue, grow value and create outsized returns.

Global perspectives

The Q team are located in three strategic geographies. This gives us access to cutting-edge technology, efficient manufacturing and global commercialization opportunities.

Global presence map
Global presence map

Asking our clients and portfolio companies the right Qs

How can we make IoT and wearable devices smarter yet use less energy?

How can we apply sensing technology to better protect people from injury in the workplace?

How can we make a fitness tracker that totally fits into people’s lives?

Can robot inspectors free factory workers from boring, repetitive QC tasks?

How can we make a robot that will help patients manage chronic disease?

How can we make it more fun and entertaining to exercise at home?

“Q.Inc has cracked the code to bring together the key ingredients that deep tech innovators need to succeed – expertise, capital and a deep network.”

Bill Burnett

Executive Director, Design Program, Stanford University

“I’m excited to be a part of Q.Inc’s vision to leave a lasting impact on the world.”

John Tsang

Former Financial Secretary, Hong Kong SAR

“Larry and his team were instrumental in preparing Fitbit’s early products for high volume manufacturing in Asia.”

Mark Martinez

VP Hardware Engineering, Fitbit

“Q Capital’s investment helped secure the foundation for Ambiq’s rapid expansion into dominating AI at the endpoints.”

Fumihide Esaka

Chairman and CEO, Ambiq Micro

“Q.Inc has been instrumental in our funding rounds and transforming our technology into multiple products like PowerWatch.”

Akram Boukai

CEO, Matrix Industries

“Q Design has been instrumental in taking Playpulse to the next level, both in terms of product and the company as a whole. Together with Q Design we have taken our product from early prototypes to a scalable product – in parallel with closing our seed round.”

Erling Magnus Solheim

CEO & Co-Founder, Playpulse

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